The History of

"Hotel Niederländischer Hof"


The “Niederländer”, how the hotel is called be the Schwerin citizens, got his name on the occasion of Queens Wilhelmina of the Netherlands marriage with the Grand Duke Heinrich of Mecklenburg in the year of 1901.

To the same time the hotel got the title of “purveyor to the court of her majesty the queen and his Royal Highness Duke of Mecklenburg”, because the Duke loved take his afternoon tea in the “Niederländischer Hof” while walking through the town.


In the year 1920 the hotel founder decided to move the hotel to its present day location.


The hotel equipment was styled after the modern standards of this time. Marble, fine woods and exquisite fabrics, flowing hot and cold water, phones, and even a lift where very special back in this time.


Sadly the guestbook back from these times is lost, but witnesses told that Claire Waldoff, Paul Lincke, Asta Nielsen, Clown Corck and Olga Techowa where amongst them.


Until 1970 the family Krasemann managed the hotel, before they need to give it on health grounds to the nationally owned Restaurant and Hotel Organisation of the GDR. From now on just high ranked politicians, unions officials and actors where allowed to stay in the “Niederländer”.


Even if the hotel housed many guests, there weren’t much done for the preservation of building. Ready for a general overhaul the building went over to a trust company after the fall of the Berlin wall. In 1994 the hotel was privatised and was reopened after 4 years of renovation.


In the year 2000 the hotel was extended with its neighbour building. Six years later Martina Lux, the mother of the today’s owner, took over the Niederländischer Hof. After an extensive modernisation of the building the got the 4 Stars category bestowed by the DEHOGA.


On the 27th September 2010 the hotel was visited by the Crown-Prince Couple of Denmark.


Today the hotel is owned in familiar manner by Nadine Lux.

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